ZEROCO2: Promoting buildings with zero CO2 emission due to energy consumption

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This projects aims at enticing public decision-makers from different European regions to reduce carbon emissions coming from new or renovated buildings, in order to accelerate the transition towards sustainable development. Through inter-regional cooperation, regions are to identify, share and compare feedback regarding a whole set of innovative methods, technologies, processes and good practices in support of buildings with zero CO2 emission.

Project duration: 2016 - 2019

Co-funding programme: Interreg Europe

The project’s specific goals are:
1) Defining the concept of buildings with zero CO2 emission and point out its benefits;
2) Combining different technologies and sources of renewable energy;
3) Establish common policies to promote the concept at large;
4) Launch a debate about relevant funding tools.


To know more on this project:

Documents to download

- Study on transformation of one building to Near Zero CO2 emission Building due to energy use
- Regional Study: The use of Renewable Energy Sources in Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur/France
- ZEROCO2 Newsletter #1


Project management : Spodnje Podravje local Energy Agency  (Slovenia)
Partners : Mediterranean Agronomical Institute of Chania (Greece), Innovation European Institute (Germany), AVITEM (France), Molise Region (Italy), Thermopolis Ltd (Finland), Malta University (Malta), City of Kaunas (Lithuania)