COWORKMed (Research about social innovation of Coworking clusters)

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COWORKMed, funded by the Interreg Med programme, aims at conducting a multidisciplinary study and creating synergies in the social innovation field, especially through Coworking areas located in the Mediterranean region.

Project duration: 2016 - 2018

Co-funding programme: Interreg MED

Cooperation between all involved actors – scholars, individuals working in the private and public sectors, and society at large – will facilitate the surge of a social entrepreneurship and innovation model. This model is to be used to tackle major economic, urban and social issues prevailing in the region. The development of new products and innovative services are considered leverage that shall positively impact urban and rural territories. In order to meet these goals, it’s necessary to look into potential synergies between these innovative collaborative working areas, and assess the potential of territories and expected benefits. Three extra studies are to be conducted to that matter.

This project’s specific goals are:
1) Assess the potential and possible benefits of coworking processes and how they may boost key sectors in the Mediterranean area, by proving these processes’ added value to economic, social and territorial policies;
2) Look into the conditions for the emergence of a transnational community through the setup of a range of communication, awareness-raising and formation innovative tools, with a view to establish an innovative and collaborative open network in the Mediterranean area;
3) Initiate the setup of an transnational ecosystem of “communities of workers” meant to facilitate the human capital’s mobility in the territories and clusters of the Mediterranean area.  

Project management : AVITEM
Partners : Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece), Barcelona Activa SA SPM (Spain), IRIS Research Institute s.r.l (Italy), Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur (France), Croatian Independent Professionals Association (Croatia), Barcelona International Business Incubator (Spain)